What Freelancers are saying about FAM

In short, Marlo is a virtuosic personality on a mission to affirm the world’s community of artists. She skillfully presents insights into the Law of Attraction (never venturing into the wispy realm of theory; she is a person of tangible action and reaction) while simultaneously giving many practical notes on how to live life as a freelance artist. She visited Yale to give a shortened version of her Boot Camp, and as a second semester senior at the university, I cannot begin to express the value I got from just three hours working with her: I can only imagine what a two-day boot camp would yield. Having graduated from a top-tier institution herself, Marlo understands how the world of academia does wonders for enabling artistic growth, and yet, fails at presenting students with the reality of living life as an artist. She tackles everything from self promotion to health insurance to how to create an integrity system for sending thank you’s. She sheds light on the unseemly parts of an industry where many fear to tread, and she does so with elegance and the know-how of someone who’s learned a lot the hard way. She wants to endow up-and-coming artists with vital know-how she wasn’t given when beginning her career. She is a very special, very driven person, and I’ve no doubt she’ll transform your outlook on living a stable, fulfilled life as an artist.” –Andrew Sotiriou, Playwright & Aspiring Filmmaker


“If you’ve ever fantasized or contemplated the freelance artist’s life, but were too scared or thought it seemed impossible to pull off, you have found the right class. In eight weeks, Marlo uses a lifetime of practical wisdom and expert research — gleaned from her own life as a freelance artist — to help you stop being scared, understand the basics of life as your own creative being, avoid the most common pitfalls that hurt freelance artists, and start planning and living your dream.” –Gabrielle Moss, Editor, Tarcher/ Penguin; Writer

“Scores of my students through the years have gone on in the arts, and have spent all or part of their careers free-lancing; and my wife has successfully made her living as a freelance writer for over 25 years.  The Freelance Artist’s Manifesto seems to me to be an ideal companion for anyone trying to make a living in the arts, freelance or not.  It can be a source of inspiration when encouragement and confidence is lacking, and a shot in the arm when things are going well.  Above all, it can be a resource when things seem to be at their darkest.  Marlo Hunter encourages free-lancers to have the right kind of supportive friends, and teaches free-lancers how to talk to them and reach out to them.  The Freelance Artist’s Manifesto is just such a friend. It is nothing less than empowerment.” – Cary M. Mazer, one-time Chair, for over twenty years, of the Theatre Arts Program, University of Pennsylvania

The Freelance Artist’s Manifesto is a must for anyone pursuing a career in the arts!” Michael Taylor, Film Producer (Phenomenon, Bottle Rocket) & Chair of Film & Television Production at USC School of Cinematic Arts

“My FAM Boot Camp came at a very opportune time for me – I was feeling lost and uninspired as a writer and frankly not that interested in it anymore.  The program refreshed and reenergized my passion, reminded me of why the struggle is worth it and re-focused me on my art (not to mention the numerous helpful practical tips I picked up along the way).  I am off to the races again, writing better than ever – all thanks to Ms. Hunter and FAM.” – A.D. Penedo, Playwright and Lyricist

“The FAM Boot Camp broadened my perspective as an artist and designer which improved the quality and volume of work I was putting out into the world.  Unlike most FAMers, I have always been more business-minded than artistically-minded, and as such I was very restrained in my product offerings.  The lessons, exercises, and discussions lead me to better mesh both sides of my brain and I’m happy to say my business is on an upward trajectory.  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants create their best work, earn money from that work, and increase their understanding of what it takes to be successfully self-employed.” Denise Teti, Jewelry Designer and Co-Founder, Courtesan Studio

“I took the FAM Boot Camp as I ended a public installation of my work.  It really helped me to navigate through a myriad of feelings and take responsibility for my energy and creativity.  It also helped me to spot (and avoid!) many challenges that artists of all types easily get stumped by.  It’s so easy on the creative path to get caught up in an inner dialogue and feel that you are the only one facing this challenge or having to go through that roadblock.  The FAM really gave me a strong sense of both an inner-rallying combined with the dynamite RAH RAH cheers of Marlo herself.” -Tohmas Elmund, Painter and Hair Color Specialist

“FAM has completely changed my perspective as an artist and a human being; I now understand that I am 100% in control of my creative energy at all times.  This understanding has given me the sense of empowerment that I needed to go pursue my goals. My new mindset has affected my auditions, classes, and rehearsals tremendously.” – Justine Magnusson, Student and Actress

As a full-time professional who is just beginning to explore the artist lifestyle, I found The Freelance Artist Manifesto to be an extremely valuable source of inspiration, and most importantly, it gave me focus.  Before FAM, this lifestyle was always something I thought about, but I lacked the direction to move forward. The FAM workshop has provided me with accessible concepts I can use right now to start working towards my creative goal. “ – Miranda Altman, Nonprofit Manager and Aspiring Writer

These classes are amazing. So much information is shared you feel ready to take on the world when they’re done! It is so nice having someone pushing you that knows what they’re talking about.” -Samantha Figueroa, Makeup Artist

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  1. […] Whether you’re a veteran in need of a tune-up, a student about to enter the landscape, or a 9-to-5er just thinking about venturing into the freelance artist lifestyle, our tough-love Boot Camp will give you the perspective and the tools to navigate this exciting and unpredictable terrain.  In our  two-day weekend intensive FAM will take the mystery and fear out of life as an artist, and help you lay a strong emotional and psychological foundation before taking focused, active steps towards a life filled with success, balance, and financial abundance.  You’ll overcome mental blocks, acknowledge your multiple assets, and learn to avoid the most common pitfalls that hinder artists and create unnecessary doubt.  You’ll leave with a firm foundation for building relationships in your field, organizing your finances, filing your taxes, and even finding affordable health care for artists.  Join the growing movement of working actors, dancers, photographers, makeup artists, painters, writers, and more that FAM has helped usher into success!  Read about their FAM experiences! […]

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