Part Two: Cleaning House & Making Room

We continue to investigate and rid ourselves of core beliefs about life as an artist that might be hindering our success, while clearing lingering jealousies that take up valuable space in our lives.  We then look at the balance of our lives at present, and pledge an oath to ourselves and our Movement to identify ourselves as artists first and foremost, while cultivating a life of balance.


  • Understanding society’s perception of the Artist
  • Confront 5 Major Myths:
    • -“I have to starve for my art.”
    • -“I’m an artist so I’m flaky and disorganized.”
    • -“I have to be in an angry, heartbroken or depressed state to create good art.”
    • -“Commercial work is selling out.”
    • -“I’m too old to pursue this kind of life.”
  • Identifying yourself as an Artist
  • Confronting jealousy and damaging comparisons to peers
  • Embracing the concept of Balance
  • Pledging of the FAM Oath
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