Part Three: Stocking Your Artist Arsenal

After washing our brains and beginning the process of honest self-evaluation, we are now ready to begin rebuilding a healthier psyche for a balanced, successful life.  We now stock our Artist Arsenal with artillery for mitigating stress and bolstering our sense of humor, as our resiliency will ensure greater success.  We learn the importance of self-parenting and stock our arsenal further with a deep well of options to off-set our weaknesses and limitations.  Finally, we reevaluate our role-models, and ensure they reflect a healthy image of success.


  • Putting perspective to work:  Be delusional
  • Understanding the Law of Attraction and Creative Visualization
  • Making peace with the concept of stress
  • Bolstering your sense of humor
  • Honing your resilience
  • Shifting your perspective after pit-falls or rejections
  • Healing vs. moving forward  (are you stalling?)
  • Acknowledging weaknesses and limitations (and mitigating triggers)
  • Re-examining our role models and holding them to a higher standard


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