Part Four: Basic Skills

As we approach the middle of our Boot Camp, we review universally applicable skills that will facilitate our journey and expedite our path to success and happiness.  The culmination of Part One is the creation of a Life Map, which involves the careful and limitless choice of destination, in conjunction with a thorough and honest determination of your route.


  • Discipline
    • Time management
    • Shaping the Structureless Day and embracing downtime
  • Diligence
  • Multi-Tasking and Organization
  • Self-Promotion
    • Shifting your perspective on Self-Promotion
    • Pricing Yourself — the big perspective test: “What Am I Worth?”
  • Communication
    • Staying fresh
    • Persistence vs Annoyance
  • Networking
    • Avoiding The Void and focusing time and energy
    • Who Ya Know
    • The Best is not always the best for you
  • Making Sound Investments
  • Attention to Detail and Self-Representation
  • Class, Character and Integrity
    • Punctuality
    • Prompt Correspondence
    • Avoid Trash Talk
  • Creation of a Life Map
    • Visualizing your destination
    • Determining your route (non-negotiables and responsibilities)
    • Creating your map
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