The NYC Two-Day Boot Camp: October 5th & 6th, 2013

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10am-5pm both weekend days (1 hour lunch break)

Shetler Studios
244 W. 54th Street (Between Broadway & 8th Avenue)
12th Floor, Studio 1203


Have you heard yourself say “I wish someone had told me…?”  How about, “I’m about to graduate and pursue the arts — where do I begin?!”  Or what about, “I’ve been in this business for a long time but I’m feeling disillusioned?”   You’ve come to the right place.

The “FAM” Boot Camp is a two-day intensive that provides creatives in all disciplines with the mental and practical tools for mastering life as a freelance artist. “FAM” utilizes perspective-shifting written exercises that will help you overcome mental blocks, acknowledge your multiple assets, and learn to avoid the most common pitfalls that hinder artists and create unnecessary doubt. It then arms you with critical, easy-to-digest basics for managing your freelance business and finances. You’ll leave with:

  • Confidence, focus and inspiration, and more tangibly, a solid plan of action for pursuing your dream
  • A firm foundation for networking in your field
  • A healthier relationship with self-promotion
  • A thorough understanding of the business you run as a freelancer (every freelancer is a business owner!), and the tools to run it efficiently and effectively
  • Tools for organizing and understanding your finances, filing your taxes (it’s always tax season for freelancers!), and finding affordable health care
  • A new perspective on finding supplemental income that works in harmony with your creative pursuits, rather than sucking your life-blood and joy

Led with passion and humor by founder, and New York theater director, Marlo Hunter, FAM has ushered actors, writers, designers, dancers, fine and graphic artists to success! Unlike other “business of being an artist” workshops, FAM addresses the current state of your perspective before it bombards you with how-tos and tricks-of-the-trade. Without a healthy perspective, no amount of networking or budgeting will keep you in the game. FAM simplifies and clarifies the “nitty-gritty” information that might intimidate you, and cloud that valuable perspective. FAM empowers you with a strong sense of community, and an understanding of your valuable place in society. You’ll leave with confidence, inspiration, a firm foundation for building relationships in your field, organizing your finances, filing your taxes,and even finding affordable health care for artists.Whether you’re a veteran in need of a tune-up, a student about to enter the landscape, or a 9-to-5er just thinking about venturing into the freelance artist lifestyle, FAM will ensure you emerge informed, focused, and ready to pursue your passion.

You will never be asked to contribute verbally, but our structure does allow for group discussion. We encourage this by keeping our Boot Camps to 20 people — so enroll early!

The following is the Boot Camp itinerary (click on links for full description):


Part  One: Energy, Instinct, and Perspective
Part Two: Cleaning House & Making Room
Part Three: Stocking Your Artist Arsenal
Part Four: Basic Skills

Part  Five: Embracing Abundance
Part Six: Caretaking
Part Seven: All Up In Your Business
Part Eight:  Filling The Monetary Gaps

No more “tomorrow”s.  Take the leap today and you’ll be one day closer to living your ideal life.

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  1. Hi- it this geared for artists only? WHile I a
    m an artist my daughter is a composer , with works featured right now in festivals off broadway. Is it useful for her or only for artists? Thanks.

    • Thank you for the question — the term “artist” refers to anyone working in a creative field. Composers are most certainly artists! So to answer your question, yes, this is useful for artists, and yes this is useful for you and your daughter! Hope to see you this weekend.



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