“I’ve been to ‘career in the arts’ panels before and too often the overriding opinion is ‘Don’t do it, this life is too hard.’  I never once got that sense from this workshop, which was a relief and an encouragement. I would recommend FAM Boot Camp to anyone thinking about pursuing a freelance career. If you’re on the fence about it, this workshop might be the push you need to jump headfirst into a creative career, and that’s something you don’t want to miss out on!!”  -Jenna Devine, Student & soon-to-be Freelance Writer

FAM has hit the road!    We’re now offering a two-day intensive Boot Camp for students — and we want to come to your campus!

An indispensable source of education and inspiration for students poised pursue their passion, this two-day boot camp intensive takes the mystery and fear out of life as an artist, and helps students address mental blocks, learn how to utilize their multiple assets, and avoid the most common pitfalls that hinder artists and create unnecessary doubt.  Students will then be armed with logistical knowledge such as budget and debt management, affordable health insurance and health care options, filing taxes as an artist, and the most efficient search for supplemental income.  It’s the stuff no one takes the time to tell you, that you absolutely need to know!   Led by FAM Founder, Marlo Hunter.

Contact Marlo Hunter at to book your FAM student intensive for the spring semester, and for more information on pricing and logistics.  Or, feel free to let us know how to get in touch with your department head or sponsoring student organization! 



Part One:  Perspective, Instinct, and Energy

  • Introduction: Time for action, as a Movement
  • Definition of Freelancer
  • Our lives are not compartmentalized – unlike salaried peers
  • Taking responsibility for our Perspective
  • Understanding that our brains do not differentiate between fantasy and reality
  • Combating negative Core Beliefs
  • Honing our Instinct and Setting Boundaries
  • Protecting our Creative Energy

Part Two: Cleaning House & Making Room

  • Understanding society’s perception of the Artist
  • Confront Major Myths held by you and society about Artists
  • The new Freelance Artist:  Profit from your skills and talents
  • Identifying yourself as an Artist
  • Confronting jealousy and damaging comparisons to peers
  • Embracing the concept of Balance
  • Pledging of the FAM Oath


Part Three: Stocking Your Artist Arsenal

  • Putting perspective to work
  • Understanding the Law of Attraction and Creative Visualization
  • Making peace with the concept of stress
  • Bolstering your sense of humor
  • Honing your resilience
  • Shifting your perspective after pit-falls or rejections
  • Acknowledging weaknesses and limitations (and mitigating triggers)
  • Re-examining our role models and holding them to a higher standard

Part Four: Basic Skills

  • Discipline
    • Time management
    • Shaping the Structureless Day and embracing downtime
  • Diligence
  • Multi-Tasking and Organization
  • Self-Promotion
    • Shifting your perspective on Self-Promotion
    • Pricing Yourself — the big perspective test: “What Am I Worth?”
  • Communication
    • Staying fresh
    • Persistence vs. Annoyance
  • Networking
    • Avoiding The Void and focusing time and energy
    • Who Ya Know
    • The Best is not always the best for you
  • Making Sound Investments
  • Attention to Detail and Self-Representation
  • Class, Character and Integrity
    • Punctuality
    • Prompt Correspondence
    • Avoid Trash Talk

**Take home assignment: Creation of a Life Map**


Part One: Embracing Abundance

  • Acknowledge any negative core beliefs about money and wealth
  • Understand that we are, inherently, are our own business
  • Examine how our Life Map goals are dependent upon money
  • Examine the dangers, opportunities and strengths in our midst while pursuing our goals
  • Learn how to budget, even without a steady salary
  • Explore organizational financial models
  • Become acquainted with financial products
  • Understand how credit cards and credit card debt works
  • Understand bankruptcy and collection
  • Learn about the importance of filing taxes, and how to handle the 1099
  • Discuss bill-payment triage, in a pinch
  • Fortify our Life Maps with goals for abundance

Part Two: Caretaking

  • Examining the current state of our self-esteem
  • Understanding that health insurance is non-negotiable
  • Examining your multiple options for health care despite your income
  • Understanding how Unemployment insurance works and when to use it
  • Examining your relationship with “home”
  • Finding and making a “home” that works for your needs
  • Treating yourself well without breaking the bank
  • Respecting your belongings to protect your psyche
  • To Pet or not to Pet


Part Three:  All Up In Your Business

  • Representation – do you need it, and which to choose?
  • Copyrighting and trade-marking your work.
  • The sole proprietor: Welcome to owning a business.
  • The New Freelance Artist:  Multiple Streams of Income based on various creative skills
  • The artist as entrepreneur: How to choose a business entity based on your Life Map
  • Subsidization and acquiring funds for your business
  • Educational investment:  Whether to invest in graduate and training programs (Cost vs. Return)
  • Apprenticeships/Internships/Assistantships: Beware the Golden-Handcuffs
  • When to stop taking non-paying work

Part Four:  Filling the Monetary Gaps & Conclusion

  • Preparing your perspective for the J-O-B: Make it serve you and your passion
  • Searching for the ”right” J-O-B: Know thyself
  • Identifying and avoiding the Shadow Artist J-O-B
  • Opting for odd J-O-BS,  or a permanent J-O-B
  • Navigating the J-O-B
  • When to leave a J-O-B


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